Plant Health Care

Ensure your Fort Collins, Colorado and Surrounding Areas Plants Are Treated Properly

A.F.M. Tree Services, LLC Will Have Your Trees and Plants Lasting Longer

What is Plant Healthcare? The importance of maintaining a healthy tree. Proper plant health care requires Spring/Fall fertilization and awareness of harmful INSECTS, Ash Borer, IPS beetle, Zimmerman moth, pine tip moth, elm leaf beetle, elm scale, DISEASES, cytospora canker, fireblight and cedar rusts. For further reference, you can visit and for detailed info.

Here is a guideline for services to help you protect and care for your trees.

1. Start your trees off on the right track for the season with a spring fertilization.
2. Ips Beetle prevention is in early Spring and again in the summer. This applies for Spruce and Ponderosa pines.
3. Ash borer prevention is in early Spring and EAB treatments are shortly thereafter.
4. Zimmerman pine moth prevention is in the Spring then again in Summer. Summer applications will be formulated to protect against pine beetles as well. This is for Austrian, Scot, and Ponderosa pines.
5. Pine tip moth prevention starts in mid spring, this is for Mugho, Austrian and Pinyon pines.
6. Plant Health Care visits are recommended for customers with a variety of plant material. These visits are meant to inspect and treat as needed for general insect control. Three visits are recommended: a spring, summer and late summer visit. These are to help maintain the health and vitality of your landscape.



Are your trees turning yellow too soon, or not as vigorous and green as they should be during the season. This is a sign of chlorosis, basically a lack of iron. Our alkaline soil along the front range inhibits the uptake of iron for some of our trees and shrubs.
Iron chlorosis is the yellowing of tree leaves as a result of an iron deficiency. Because of its deficiency, that plant is not able to produce sufficient chlorophyll, the green pigment that is responsible for photosynthesis. This affects overall plant growth and health. In severe cases, iron chlorosis can actually kill a tree.

Our trunk injections with iron can greatly improve the health of your tree Fall is a great time for this treatment. Please call Hank for a free consultation.


Have you fed your trees this year? It's not too late! Fall is a great time to fertilize your trees. By fertilizing in the fall, some of the nutrients will have a chance to be absorbed by the roots and will already be in the ground when the roots resume functioning in the spring.

 Since we don't see the roots, we often don't realize that they continue growing and absorbing nutrients long after the leaves have fallen, even into December, and begin to work again in the spring before the leaves return.  After all, they are absorbing nutrients and water to enable the leaves to resume growth.

A healthy, vigorous tree is much less susceptible to attacks from disease, insects, and other stresses.

Please call Hank for a free consultation.