stump removal Fort Collins, CO

Tired of Tripping Over That Stump?

Call Tanglewood Tree Service for stump grinding in Fort Collins, Wellington, Windsor & Loveland, CO, & surrounding areas!

That stump in your Fort Collins, Wellington, Windsor & Loveland, CO yard is an eyesore, and it makes it difficult to complete your regular yard maintenance work. If you want to get rid of it for good, Tanglewood Tree Service is the service to call. We'll cut it down to ground-level and grind down the remains to erase all traces of its existence.

Contact us at 970-631-4672 to learn more about our stump grinding service.

3 advantages of getting rid of your stump

That old stump in your yard is more than just an annoying reminder of the tree that used to stand there. It can affect the health and appearance of your property as well. Here are a few benefits of grinding your stump:

1.Prevent an infestation of termites and other pests
2.Improve the aesthetics of your lawn
3.Stop the spread of disease to healthy plants

Consult Tanglewood Tree Service about your tree stump, and we'll arrange to grind it for you.