Tree Removal Fort Collins, CO

Tree Removal in Fort Collins, Wellington, Windsor & Loveland, CO, & surrounding areas!

Leave the tree felling to the professionals

There’s a large, old tree in your yard that’s suffering from a disease. Its leaves are dead, its limbs are weakening, and it’s generally unstable. Don’t let this tree threaten the safety of your home or family.

Have Tanglewood Tree Service of Fort Collins, CO remove it for you. We’ll arrive at your property with all the tools necessary to remove and dispose of the tree in question.

You can reach us at 970-631-4672 to learn more about our tree removal service.

3 reasons to remove a tree from your property

The tree in your yard is old and beautiful, but it could be posing a threat to your property and personal safety. Here are a few reasons your tree may need to be removed:

1. Your tree is dead, dying or diseased
2. Your tree is growing dangerously close to a structure or utility
3. Your tree is in the way of a construction project

Work with Tanglewood Tree Service to safely and effectively remove a tree from your yard.