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Call for emergency tree services in Fort Collins, CO

We don't always stop and take the time to look over our surroundings. When you do so around your home, you might notice a tree that's threatening to damage your property. Perhaps a recent storm has left some broken limbs dangling over your house. Tanglewood Tree Service provides emergency tree services to make sure your property is protected. We have the knowledge and equipment to make sure your tree pruning or removal is done in the right way.

Call 970-631-4672 today to schedule emergency tree services in the Fort Collins, CO area.

We'll help you protect your home

We'll help you protect your home

There are various situations which would cause you to call for emergency tree services. Contact us if:

  • A fallen tree or branches are blocking access to your property
  • A splitting tree is threatening to fall on your home or property
  • A tree, limb or stump is putting a crimp in your construction schedule
  • A dying tree or hanging limb is hindering your property sale
  • A tree problem needs to be taken care of in accordance with your insurance company

We can also take care of tree removal and trimming when you're about to leave town and need an issue addressed promptly. Contact Tanglewood Tree Service today to make sure your home and property are safe from damaged or diseased trees.